Monday, March 24, 2014

Update: Calls from Tumblr (with Links)

From Hali Baumstein, Editorial assistant at Bloomsbury Children's Books: MG or YA high fantasy with an unconventional world as backdrop, i.e., not a medieval European/monarchy type setting. @halibaumstein   (Hey, this sounds like what I'm writing. Why am I posting this for you? I guess I love my co-writers! Blessings!)

Kara Leigh Miller (author & managing editor, @anaiahpress) says: YA, NA, or adult MSs that are Christian friendly. I have a soft spot for romantic suspense. Surprise me with your brilliance! 

Agent Carly Watters (side note: I just love her name) wants Coming of age stories like Age of Miracles, Arcadia or The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls. Use setting to bring story to life. @carlywatters 

Peter Knapp (No one mention he's a cutie. Come on, People. We're professionals.) says: MSs w/ magical perspectives, but it’s more about the way the character sees the world than whether it’s real or not.     He also says: a high-concept book that starts in our contemporary, recognizable world and then unravels it with a fantastical twist. Think AS King.  @petejknapp    A blog post here:  /  An interview here.  / (no age range given)

Jessica Schmeidler says: Historical NF regarding the spiritual and physical journeys of American settlers in the 1800s.  @thewriteshadow   Also says: Clean, contemporary MG with horses (preferably rescue horses) about faith, spirit, and family. Also wants: Pioneer-driven MG with a strong female lead. And: Anything with a strong connection to Ireland or cable-knit sweaters. ;-) (Must be clean and suitable for Christian audience.)

Melissa Jeglinski says: In Middle Grade: more realism, less fantasy and adventure. MC overcoming real issues, diversification. Contemporary or historical. @mjeglinski   /  Interview  /  Another Interview

Agent Dawn Dowdle is now accepting some MG (contemporary, mystery & Time Travel). @blueridgeagency

FINALLY, A Picture Book request! Clare Wallace says: picture books: funny, thoughtful, silly, sweet. One word can mean a thousand. @cpwally

Emily S. Keyes: quirky, realistic middle grade. No scavenger hunts. @esc_key  

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