Monday, February 24, 2014

PG, MG wants and contest info

Logline Contest from Agent Linda Epstein & Intern

@evanjgregory Any contemporary, non-fantasy MG about a lonely kid who’s capable and compassionate, and looking for a place to belong.  info from: 
Bree Ogden says she wants "Highly artistic picture books (high brow art, think Varmints) 

Terrie Wolf says "Across the board, I like multi-generational, multi-cultural (if we’re honest enough to call it that), real stories of lives touched." Find Terrie at Twitter @aka_terrie
Jordan Hamessley ONLY TAKING AGENTED SUBMISSIONS (editor at; Twitter: @thejordache) posted: "My fiction list is currently overflowing, but I would love some quirky middle grade non-fiction (pop science) to land on my desk." (Found at 

Eddie Schneider says: Here’s something I’d really like more of: More upmarket MG; it doesn’t all have to be quirky and excessively spunky!  Twitter: @eddieschneider

Contest from a writer: Win a critique from Christie Wright Wild (Thanks to Jackie Wellington for sharing the contest information.  Jackie's site: ) 

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