Monday, February 10, 2014

What is Pitch Smart Kid Lit all about?

Sign up to receive PB and MG wish-list requests from literary agents/editors asap. Each post will be a request from editors and/or agents (and other occasional, exciting opportunities for kid-lit writers). We will NOT flood your inbox with useless posts. (These posts may be savaged from other public wishlists, or direct from the editor/agent.) 

To submit your query/manuscript, research the agent/editor to whom you wish to submit and follow their submission guidelines. Do not pitch here unless specifically requested.    

Editors and agents wishing to post a call for pitches, submissions, contest entries or other opportunities for kid-lit authors may contact me at PitchSmartkids @ gmail dot com. You may want to include a short open-window time frame. 

Readers: If you know of an agent/editor request for submissions, etc, please send them to PitchSmartKids @ gmail dot com. 

This blog is updated at the convenience of the blog poster. This is NOT a promise to post.  

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